Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Well, am a bit of a ghajini, as far as remembering a person's name is concerned. I can remember everything about them, but I forget names and ONLY names. Its the same with my dad too. He will remember every single detail like where the person is from, his job, when he met him........except for the NAME!!!!

To be honest, its really embarrassing.......its not like how some people forget another person's name if they have met only for a single time or haven't met each other at all for several years alltogether.Its not the case. I first noticed this problem of mine when I was studying in school, when I would come back after my summer vacation(2 months leave) and I would have trouble remembering my classmate's names!!!!!!!!!!! I am NOT exaggerating! I couldn't tell them that, so I would just get near them and chat and take up their new & fresh notebooks and textbooks(they are sure to write their names there!!!) and find it out that way!

This happens to me even now, wonder why, maybe that part of my brain is not developed, or maybe its in the "genes"(oh by the way thanks dad!!! lol)

So, next time, my dear long lost friends(if at all you ever read this.......am not deliberately forgetting your name).Its a bloody brain handicap!!!!

so when you meet me please go like this

and plz do reintroduce.......remember I am Aamir in Ghajini reincarnated :D

So, thats for now.....till next time......oh by the way what was I blabbering about........*going blank* ...........

Saturday, 7 May 2011


I am a huge fan of korean & Chinese movies, and not just the "kim-ki-duk" variety.......but most of the korean & Chinese movies in general. I have always thought that they come up with some of the most original plots, the picturisation and the story telling is just amazing! (ya ya I do know there are a lot of teen korean & chinese movies out there and am not talking about them). Recently I saw a movie called "House of flying daggers".Its not a straight out martial arts movie, but a romantic movie with an amazing plot twist. It portrays the story of a blind dancer, who is suspected to be the daughter of a rebel group leader and the officers of the dynasty arrests her. She lost her father and now the "dynasty" thinks there is a new leader amongst the rebels and she is one among them. Two local deputies, devise a plan and tries to play the "good cop", "bad cop" routine. The one who is pretending to be "good" releases her out of prison but is constantly behind her and watching her every move, and mind you, the "good guy" is an outright womaniser and tries to charm our lady protagonist.

To be frank and not to be the one to spoil the plot .........the movie is a tragedy, but in my opinion a beautiful tragedy. I have not seen a movie being played out so tragically romantic at the very end. Please watch to understand........I don't want to give out any more details......

The main plus point of the movie is usage of really vibrant colors, exotic locales, amazing performance, plot twists, some martial art thrown in between and excellent cinematography. Don't worry, the movie comes with subtitles......

Image source:-from google

Atfirst, You wont understand as to what is happening and would feel like stopping the movie.......don't do that........have some patience and watch it till the end......its mind blowing(atleast it was for me :D )

So, here is enclosing a clip, to get you interested into the movie (I am very persuasive huh...... :D).

Just skip to the 10:50 part on the clip that am gonna attach below and you will be amazed......and from then on I am pretty sure you will be hooked to the movie. Anyway, if you do see the movie, leave me some feedback....I love recieving comments and ofcourse, if any of you guys are  foreign "asian" movie freaks like myself........do gimme suggestions, would love to watch new movies and pluz if you would like me to tell you my top 5 "MUST SEE ASIAN MOVIES".....leave that in the comment, I can recommend a few........

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


OK.......sometimes, I feel like telling some of my friends to go to hell, tell my "in-laws" and "relatives" to GTH!!! Sometimes, I feel that my parents have gone crazy and my sis is the paranoid one with lot of problems!!! I get angry with my hubby for no reason......um.........errrrr.....I think am contradicting my earlier post lol.......but sometimes I just feel like telling everyone to back off!!!!

One of my friends(one of my doc friends) found that I have a beauty blog and it was made "flash" and now they consider me "vein"(sorry......pun, intended)Aren't you supposed to concentrate on ur studies.........well......duh!!! I know what am doing!!!Its my way of UNWINDING!!!! Watever!!!! can't a lady have many sides to her......guess not. I am just on the edge and feel like tipping over any second. I need my close friends, great music and a bit of an upper!!!!I might really burst out one day. But I know, if I tell ppl what I feel to their faces.......I will be branded


Oh.......I very well know am not making sense to a lot of people, but its great to be senseless sometimes and just rant & rave......so right now I just want to be salman and dance to the song right below!!!!!

 And by the way go ahead and judge me even more, I actually enjoy the song, that am gonna give below.......it might  be "B" or "C" grade...but I love it....kya karein character dheela hain!!!!


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