Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Well.....am not a Narcissistic personality(or so I think).....but definitely its nice to know when someone tells you that they look up to you or you inspire them......blah blah blah......you get the drift right? We all know when someone is trying to butter you up.....but is anyone that clever ever not to fall for "flattery"........I do know now that am prone to it!

This happened very recently. I got a comment in my other blog from a fellow blogger and at first glance I even thought of it as spam. This person has commented as to how inspired she was with my blog and that she really loves it a lot and to top it off claimed that I was the "inspiration" for her to start her own blog! Whoa....that was enough to send me "to the moon and back" :D. I was actually really touched, I visited her blog and I saw that it is in fact quite nice and all it needed was a bit sprucing up......So, me acting out as the "mentor" gave some pointers and gave her some genuine advice as she had touched the "Frasier" in me( I hope all you guys know Frasier, the pompous lovable psychiatrist that stole our hearts with his adorable show).

Anyway, I even told about this incident to some of my friends( I was actually very proud of myself) and went on blabbing as to how great it is to have touched someone like this and all that B***S***. Here I was tripping all over myself and looking at the blue skies.........ahhhhh somethings are not meant to last right? Today I found that this particular "blogger friend" of mine has used the same words and commented to a number of other bloggers that I know!!!! so much for my inflated ego.....

I am not angry with this other person for doing like this....maybe she has her own reasons and  maybe she really did get "inspired"( am beginning to hate the word lol) from all those other bloggers too. Just then I understood that flattery said at the right time does get people anywhere and everywhere!!!! I was a bit embarassed to have thought that I had somehow reached atleast a bit of "celebrity status" in the blogger world.......ahhhhhh well.........who am I kidding.....anyway waiting for the next set of flattery filled  comments, this time I WON'T GET PUNK'D ......or so I hope :D.......so long guys and by the way feel free to leave sugary sweet comments below this post, my deflated ego does need a little boost :)

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Is it OK to feel jealous when one of your best friend is getting married? Or should I correct myself when I am already MARRIED!!!! Well, I have been married for a year, I do have a wonderful husband........but I do think.... do I have everything that actually counts???? My friend who got married right now did everything in perfect order...completed her graduation, spent one year cramming for a pg seat, got it the very next year and now got married to a really nice guy....ok so let me correct myself, I am not jealous......just "envious" when everything goes in the "chronological" order for someone else and not me. I am allowed to feel some emotion rt.....

I am now stuck with two major things in life, snag a pg seat and oh ya in the mean time get "pregnant" too......why are women always needed to do the eternal juggling? I can just see myself with my big fat radiology book in one hand and a crying baby on the other while my cell phone is jammed into my ear with my working shoulder and screaming to my husband about him having it easy.....So now I wonder....the things that we all consider too good to be true can sometimes be just that "too good to be true"!!!!

I now am at a stage when I am actually doing hide and seek with the society 'coz am so fed up with questions from friends asking me "Didn't you get a pg seat yet?" duh! if I did do they think I would be waiting for them to ask me that question.......I would be howling from the rooftops!!!!! and ya ofcourse not to forget the sweet questions from "his" relatives....."When are we going to see the lil ones" ohhhhhh F*&^.....sorry about the language...

So now, am waiting patiently to turn into the "superwoman" who just about manages everything.....personal life and professional life with so much ease....and the glorious tag would be ......"still!!!! studying" mom or the "working" mom? Guess I will stick with the pic below :)

and the most dreaded question........am I ready for all those things said above.....well.....I guess......baby steps would be enough for now.......let me figure out a way to hold my radiology book straight and squabble with my husband.......atleast for now!!!  :)


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