Wednesday, 21 September 2011


I am a malayalee and a proud one at that, but we mallus can laugh at ourselves too sometimes rt...Anyway I found this realy funny video on you tube and guys check it out......its really funny and if you are a mallu then, don't miss it :)

Thursday, 15 September 2011


I couldn't blog for the past one week as I was at my hubby's place celebrating Onam, the kerala festival. It was just so much of fun as all the family members were around and it felt even more great as it was festival time!

Every day we would put new "athapookkalams"(flower beds or carpets....if I may translate so in english). As my husband is from the northern part of kerala, their traditions for Onam totally differs from mine, so it was like discovering new stuff all together.

the different "pookkalams" that we arranged

The biggest one was made on the last day and it took sooooo much of time but it was worth it :)

My cute nephew(on the left), isn't he the cutest........

Hope all of my Kerala friends had a great Onam. Take care and see you.......


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