Friday, 29 April 2011


Well, that is not my real name....but that is what my husband likes to call me. Ok...I am not bragging....I am the youngest of two daughters, I come from an affluent family in kerala, our(my dad's) social & financial circle is really huge! I have 2 servants at home to do everything at my beck and call. I have four cars and definitely driver to drive me around. But I fell in love with a man who doesn't have all this.......but hey he is in the navy......we knew each other for 5 yrs before we tied the knot. Eventhough I had all the "big stuff" at home...I am thankful to my dad for keeping me and my sis grounded. My dad was not born into money and he made it on his own and he knows the value, so he showed us to treat everyone with respect and told us that the "servants" were people who are here to keep our lives more easier....and that they are not lesser human beings. I am thankful to him for that.

But, when I got was a different ballgame all together. My hubby is a great guy, has a great job, but he doesn't have the "affluent" family like he is pretty much grounded. He knows his way around things. I am a doc by profession. After I got married I was sent away to Mumbai(my hubby is in the navy and he is posted there) and frankly I was the ranbir and him......konkona sen.....he taught me the "basic" life from scratch.....I didn't know how to buy grocery, I couldn't cook a decent meal, and I certaily had not grown up without a mansion, servants,money(at my beck and call) and most of all transportation!!!(am being honest dont judge me). So, for those who has seen the movie "wake up sid".....they surely can relate to this gonna attach a youtube video at the end and reverse the roles plz (am ranbir and my hubby is konkona). Am thankful to have him in my life........he is my pillar....he is the one I turn to when I need a dose of reality shot!!!!

It was my decision to remain at home and do nothing('coz after 5 yrs of MBBS you kinda get tired.....but hey now am back at kerala and I have joined my pg entrance coaching classes!!) and wanted to enjoy life. I was bored in Mumbai when he left for his job and I was left alone......Thats how I started my was ashamed to start it........its a beauty blog and am a doctor for gods sake!!!! PPL may not take me seriously).He gave me full support, when you read the very first posts, u will know, how very vulnerable and naive a blogger I was. The 2 bloggers who gave me strength where anamika(wise she) and rashmi(indyabeauty) and most of all my husband.

He showed me how to live life, how to catch a bus or train, to learn to cook, and also to pursue my "side passion" or alter ego "indianmakeupways". I love u so much. Our anniversary is on 10th of may and I am so blessed to have you in my life........

So, above, thats my wake up (sid) Ammu moment, and i am adding this video in here.....but plz just reverse the roles in here (konkana-my hubby &ranbir-moi) :D And by the way happy anniversary in advance u lots!!!! :)

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Kaadhal Sadugudu............

Before I got concept of marriage was very sacred.........even now it was more like someone who understands me whether I am sober or not........weird huh....... was just watching this song in tamil......this movie was remade into a movie "saathiya", in bollywood and it was a super duper hit in tamil(alaipaayuthe) and made "madhavan's" career!!!! Life is so great in those honeymoon period, not that it gets awfully bad after that.........but ppl tend to take each other for granted(reality kicks in). When I was in a relationship with my hubby, if i did send a bad msg, he would call me 10000 times to know as to what, he does call......but just 10 this is the life that i envisioned.........not that I got anything bad.......but I still would give anything to have that "no strings attached" but "i want u my love more than anything" in this world tag :) :D ;)

The same song in hindi

Saturday, 23 April 2011

View my book review

Hey, I have decided to do something new. I have uploaded a video. Am reviewing the book that I have been reading. Do watch it and give me comments and feedback and support me by subscribing to my youtube channel ;) Love you guys

Thursday, 21 April 2011

WHAT DO YOU DO????????

Am bored, outta my mind, angry, sad, depressed and then what happens????? I walk into a crafts & stationery shop and pick up something UNUSUAL!!! atleast for meeeeeee....I picked up some oil pastels!!!!I have NEVER worked with them and I have never shown any interest either......EVER!!!! I was on the verge of looking for DRUGS!!!! am joking...hmmmm maybe not!!!!! you outta ur mind?????? ofcourse am joking! I love to joke my style of writing itself you would have understood that I am not in my realm right?????? Anyway to cut the long story short, I made a small (BIG FOR ME) pastel abstract painting for myself.....and I feel pretty good! Love the colors, the strokes, the freedom and most of all that time slot gives me a vaccum.....a vaccum from real life!! am attaching the "DE LIFE ON DA ROCKS" which is going to be a masterpiece someday. Be my follower now and you will get 50% off if and ever it goes out on auction :D

So waddya think????? Aint I good??????? LOL

Monday, 18 April 2011

Social Networking can "GIVE" you family......


We are two sisters and I don't have a brother. I have always pined for an elder brother, there is no rhyme or reason to it. But God answered my prayers in the form of a brother who is 6ft3 tall and I met him through Yahoo chat!!!! Yup, you heard me right. I met him when I was just 15 yrs old, let me not get into the details (lest he might sue me LOL).He was the one there to support me 'coz I was going through a rough patch and I have to say he is rude, brash, crude, insensitive......more than that, he is my BROTHER. Who said blood is thicker than water????? Whoever said that never took into account relationships like friends or even "acquired" family members; though I hate the term!!!!

My eyes are misty. Tears well up in my eyes and for the first time in my life I was speechless. My heart was brimming with joy, with love. last I found him,the person whom I have been searching in all this 17 years. My Brother!

Mine is a very close knit family. Just four people are there in my home including myself. My older sister is the one person I love the most after my parents. I am surely a blessed child. The gods have given me everything. A loving family,good friends, nice school all the things which a small heart can ever wish for....except....the love of a Brother.......

From a very small age i have seen my friends and my cousins playing with their elder brothers.Me , being a 5 year old at that time would look up to the sky (as my Amma told that the god's home is there) and fold my hands and close my eyes to say a silent prayer inside my heart. A prayer which i am so very familiar with. I always ask for a brother, tall,big and strong like the He-Man in the cartoons I used to see at my younger ages.

I would always go to the doorstep and look out. My eyes will search each and every passerby hoping that Ganapathi Bappa will soon send me a brother. How naive I was! My Vallayammachi (grandma) used to narrate stories from the puranas. From Mahabharatha I came to know that the kauravas had only one sister. How nice it would have been for Dusshala to bask in the love of so many brothers who love her so much! I often ask my Vallyamachi as to whether I will be getting my own elder brother or not? She will give me a smile and tell me to wish real hard, so that the gods might listen to my pleading and actually give me one. I, believing it, would pray hard each and every single day…..

Days went by, I grew up.I became intelligent enough to understand that I was so very stupid to pray to Gods and I can’t have any brother. But then also, I never let go of the hope. I nurtured the beautiful moment of seeing my brother for the first time in my mind. The little girl inside me would keep on telling me to have the faith in Ganapathi Bappa and he will surely one day give me a brother out of nowhere! But the rational part of me would tell me to grow up and let go of childish fantasies.

Imaginary friends are always part of a girl's life. So I created an imaginary brother and named him ARJUN. The mighty one among the Pandavas. I have always been fascinated by the character ARJUN. The perfect one with the Ganthiva, who had lord krishna for his best friend. Nobody could defeat him! My brother, the one I had created was also like that. When loneliness cave in on me I would talk with my ARJUN and every single depression would vanish.

Little did I know that the Gods would hear my prayer. I talked with my brother,, for the first time a few months back. To be precise on August 2000. He came to me to give me advice. I am the type of person who doesn’t like anyone restricting me. I had never called anyone Anna ……but him…..He simply made me say that word out of my mouth.

Yes, we would fight….like cats and dogs. He would have an opinion about anything and everything. We had a “Formal Relation”. I spoke to him through Phone and typed long mails. He would keep on sending me cards and advices.

After some months, he said, that his task was over and that I am back to my old momentum and that he should say good bye from my life. An unbearable pain gripped my heart. I was startled to find out the depth of my love towards him and how I was affected by this person , whom, I called “Anna”. I couldn’t let him go. I haven’t seen his face. But I was much too familiar with his sound.

For the first time after such a long break I folded my hands, looked up to the sky and prayed hard to Ganapathi Bappa and he did hear my prayer without any fail.

I know that what me and annan share is a strange relation. People outside may not be able to understand it. But my heart says that this bonding had to happen. It was “meant to be”! My love towards my brother is as pure as Lord Krishna.

We met face to face on april 2001. He smiled and my eyes grew misty and my heart was ready to burst. I met my ARJUN at last! Inside my mind I was crying with joy and tears did drop down my cheek but I wiped it off quickly. I didn’t want him to see that I was this sentimental.

A strange sense of peace enveloped me. It was raining outside at that very particular moment. Yes, the nature was also rejoicing by shedding her tears along with me………..

(The story contains facts and if by any chance you find  out that this is fiction, just go ahead and sue me. LOL. I wrote this atleast 4 yrs back but baring it to the world only now.This is my story......this is how i found my long lost brother........)

Epilogue:- He is married now, has a beautiful wife and an even more beautiful baby daughter. I am married to a wonderful man. I am happy that our respective spouses understand our bond even though we "met" on the net!!! Our families are close too.....I have seen a lot of people finding their life partners through the net but am sure this relation is one in a billion!!!! :)

I know am being sappy with this song, guess am like that :D

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Gotta Give A Kick to Myself.....

I have been down all week, well........I had a real crappy week. Not able to study properly, angry with anything and everything, not even talking to my family that well. I have been having this really irritating backpain which has been bugging me for quite some time....

Had to take an MRI 'coz of all the pain........guess what, I have Spina Bifida Occulta!!!(medical term for a congenital anomaly in my spine). Nothing major to worry about, but I don't think I will ever be able to do a lot of strenuous work in my life. I have been advised a week of rest and also some medicines to ease the pain!!!. I just feel so dejected! Can't explain it. I am a doctor.......I am supposed to understand..but I don't! Whatever! Its like suddenly I have lost interest in everything........maybe the feeling will pass.......feeling angry with my hubby too...... Can't help it....I know what I am doing is not right.......isolating myself........I guess thats just the way I am.

I hope the mood passes soon enough. What I need is my friends, wine, couple of  *you rock gal* attitude from everyone  :D and some great songs to get me by....The one that has caught my fancy right now is the one below. Hope u all are having a great weekend. take care y'all

Friday, 15 April 2011


Ok.....I know am not a teenager and shouldn't be writing some post about a teen idol named Justin Bieber of all people! Not that I consider him bad or anything........its just that he is a bit too "young-ish" for my taste lol

This boy is a canadian singer who used to put videos on youtube and was discovered there and was then later signed on by Usher's record company and after that there was just no turning back for this sensation. The most common word originated 'coz of him is the "Bieber Fever' and he made the "Lesbian haircut"(wonder why they call it that......ok...the guy has loads of wat!!!) syndrome quite popular!

Now, why am I writing this post.......Hmmmmmm...... I am a fan of the Sitcom "GLEE" and in one of their latest episodes they had featured two of his songs and I have to say, its quite good :) I like them *guilty* I know (ME blushing :D). Check them out here....

Glee version

Original version of baby ft ludacris

Glee version of somebody to love

The original version

I have to admit, the kid sure has talent, ok.. ok...make fun of me.......i like his music (shileding myself from all the hurled out insults).

But the thing that really caught my attention was this. Do watch this, its hilarious!!!!

The bieber fever sure is catching up! even with 3 year olds!!! lol. Anyway whats your opinion about the way, he cut his hair....this is the new look!

Me digging this bieber! what about u all.....

Dear Stranger..........Thanks

This happened to me some yrs back when I was doing my third year MBBS. We all had to visit an alcohol de-addiction center which was situated near a beach. So, community medicine posting and the assignments are kind of like an outing for us. After all we were going to the beach!!!!! :D We were a batch of 20-25 people who visited the place on that day and after the visit we begged our professor to let us enjoy some time at the beach. THankfully she agreed and here we were with our Doctor's coats and Stethoscopes, having a ball!

Now, let me get to my "story". When it was time to leave, some of my friends complained that they were thirsty and I went to a nearby shop to get a bottle of water and to my astonishment when I returned the van in which we came in was gone!My "great friends" forgot that I am left behind and simply went off. At those times we were not allowed to carry our mobiles with us(college policy!..weird......I know) I was standing at this road, which is practically deserted even though its afternoon and suddenly two guys come up to me on their bikes and asked me if i am interested.........and I was like WHAT!!!!! and they again asked me my "RATE"!!!! Here I am, all dressed up in my doctor's coat and a stethoscope to boot and what did these guys think.........that am into ROLE PLAY????? I was much too stunned to even answer......'coz it came out of nowhere and to be honest the place was like kind of isolated, so I tried to move away from them and thankfully a lady who was trying to sell peanuts at the beach saw this and  came to my side because she understood, that there is something wrong (She had seen me come with my friends) and those F****** on the bike decided to leave.

Suddenly, there is this another guy who is coming up on his bike and he started telling me something and honestly I didn't listen as I was seething with rage and I told him to just "F*** off". He looked at me back in the most disgusted way and just took off. Suddenly the man from whom I had bought the bottle of water came up to me and told me that this other man had seen my friends take off in the college van and caught up with them and told them that I am still standing at the beach and that I am stranded!

Well, to cut the story short, my van with my "friends" came back (I was so angry with them for leaving me and not noticing ) and I felt sooooooooo bad, because I coudn't say THANK YOU to that wonderful stranger who helped me. I know its not my fault that I behaved the way I did with him, but I just wish that my behaviour doesn't deter him from helping someone else in the future. Just because of those two bloody B****** , I couldn't express my gratitude to someone who helped me when I needed it the most.

I just want to say a big THANK YOU to that stranger and where ever you are, you really saved me that day! :)

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

JUST A STORY.........

I had written this story a long time back for "woman's era" magazine, but sadly it never got accepted lol. Anyway I am "pasting" it here so that you guys can get bored :D
Sitting on the verandah and looking at the rain used to be my favourite past time when I was a child. Now, I have grown up. But today I wanted to be the old me. I wanted to catch up on the small joys that life had to offer. Already I had missed an enormous part of it. I extended my hand out to catch the tiny drops and was pleasantly surprised by the coolness it gave to my mind. Yet, my eyes turned misty.

I saw him first on a rainy day. He walked up to me and gave me a smile. We had known each other in the past so many years through letters. We were meeting for the first time. I had never seen such a face like his. It portrayed innocence. He was very charming and we ended up talking like two long lost friends even though we were seeing each other for the very first time.

“Amma, phone adikkithu, naan edukkattuma?” my thoughts were cut short by jaanaki, my servant.

“No. I will take it” slowly I got up and took the phone.

“Hello” I said in a tired tone.

“Madhvi, I will be a bit late today. Don’t wait up for me. Have your dinner and go to sleep ok? Bye love”

My husband didn’t even bother to hear me say bye to him. He had already kept the phone.

I have been married for 3 months to a “well educated and rich” man, my parents found. He was suitable for me in every sense or so they thought. But, I never felt comfortable around him. He was the practical sort of guy, the total opposite of me. I loved dreams, poetry, rain and the small things life had to offer. But, he never has time for any of that. He is always busy working. I never complained either. Not, that he isn’t a good husband, somehow I never felt myself with him. I gave a small sigh and went back to sit on the verandah. By now the rain was beating down with all its might. I sat down and tried to pick up my thoughts from where I left off.

The song “Mein kade bandh kar” by Hariharan came into my mind. It was his favourite song…… “our” favourite song. He would always hum it. He was such a great singer. I would always pester him to sing some ghazal or the other. While he sings, I would put my head on his shoulder and close my eyes. I always felt calm and secure with him.

We were slowly falling in love. From the “best friends” we had moved a lot forward. But neither of us confided this fact to each other.

One day I was writing a poem in tamil and I didn’t see my mom come up behind me. She slowly tapped me on my shoulders. I was startled and shut my book. This was a poem for him. After reading that, he would understand what I felt for him.
My mother looked at me. Her face was calm and filled with concern. My heart began to beat fast.

“Madhu, don’t ever let your Appa down. He harbors such high hopes for you. Don’t do anything to break his heart.” saying that she went out of my room. I sat there stunned. My dreams came crashing down. I perfectly understood what she felt.

I took my book and opened the page; I saw my poem looking back at me. The dream was getting shattered even before I woke up. I wrote down a sentence in the end “NOT MEANT TO BE!” that hurt! My fingers began to tremble.

In the coming days I began to either avoid him or treat him in a very friendly manner. He was quite baffled by the sudden turn of events. One day he called me up and told he loved me. He was on the verge of tears. But I told him very harshly that he was just a friend for me and not to contact me ever again. My heart was breaking. My lips were quivering with sobs waiting to come out and my eyes betrayed me by letting the tears run down my cheeks. Oh! If only he could see me now!

He did as he was told. I never heard from him ever again.

The radio began playing “Mein kade bandh kar” and it brought me to reality. Suddenly I heard the horn of a car and looked out to the gate. Who could that be? The security went and opened the gate; it was still raining hard.

It was sudheer, my husband. Why did he come early? He pulled the car on to the porch and got out. I looked at him questioningly.

“I wanted to surprise you. I know how you love the rain. I would love to take you on a ride in the car now”

I couldn’t believe it. Emotions were surging inside. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I went running to him and threw myself into his arms.  I brought my lips close to his ears and told “ I love you sudheer” I didn’t want to keep it from him. I didn’t want to lose him. I didn’t want to commit the same mistake again. Now, I am happy and I am free.

And by the way, this is the song that I am referring to in the story. I used to love it.......still do..... :)

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


I have hated the guys who become "girly" after learning classical Indian dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak and what not......Man I hate it when men do that. Leave those feministic facial expressions to women! I was against it till I came across these videos. It has the legendary Kamal Hassan, the versatile Indian actor. He starred as a classical dancer way back in 1982 in the movie sagara sangamam which received the National Award for the best film at that time and the guy simply rocks!!! He dances the way a MAN should be dancing rather than incorporate feminine moves to them. I loved him in the movie which was dubbed into tamil and malayalam at that time and it became  a stupendous success.......

The above video features the versatile actor Kamal Hassan and the ever beautiful Jayaprada together and the music is by ilayaraja and sung by S.P Balasubrahmaniam

The movie is shown as a flashback and due to some circumstances the main protagonist(kamal hassan)  fails to become a well known dancer eventhough he deserved it and in the end  becomes a journalist or art critic in a paper and  makes fun of a dancer in his column and the girl who has only had people shower her with false appreciation thinks she is a big shot till she meets Kamal Hassan, who shows her how to dance to the same music in 3 different ways in "Bharatnatyam" ,"Kathak" and "kathakali" and it just blows you away! check it out below.

Isn't the actor something else? He is just so bloody versatile and I wish we had more actors like him! and please a request to all the male classical dancers out there, please show your masculinity in the movement. I know for portraying certain themes one has to show a bit feminity, but please, nobody likes a guy dancing the way a female should!

What is your opinion guys?

I was a weirdo!!!!

As a child, at times I was pretty weird.I was cleaning up my room today and I came up with a bunch of greeting cards that I had bought for "myself"(yup, u heard me) when I was 10 yrs old or something...

I had this *thing*  for archies and hallmark cards. At first I started to collect them and then it became an obsession and whenever I saw a new greeting card at the store I had to have it!!! especially the "birthday cards". I still remember pining over a card that had music in it. I still have it with me but it just doesn't play anymore. I stole money from my dad to purchase that!!!! :O well........he never found, I guess its ok........ :D

My mom was a regular nancy drew and she had this penchant to sniff up stuff......but I was much much more cleve"rer".....I knew that she might eventually find out about the cards and then ask me about, I made this ingenious plan, I took every single card that I bought and started writing inside it in different handwritings(mind u....i was really shrewd even when I was 10!!!) and made all of it out to me from different friends. Ofcourse my mom was suspicious 'coz some of those names she hadn't even heard me mention( when you are in 5th std your mom knows all your friends rt)....anyway, even if she did think otherwise..she never questioned me......

That was a weird thing that I used to do and today when I saw my secret stash of "bday cards" I felt like laughing.....Anyway it kept me happy when I was a I don't think its THAT weird...right......

Any of you got any weird stories to share.....

Monday, 11 April 2011


I came across this interesting story today in my mail and I think most of you guys have already read it, but let me just pen it down here, 'coz there might be some who has not yet heard it! :)

A lil girl was happily wrapping up a birthday present for her daddy and her mom saw it and asked what is it.......She said....."Its special mah-mee, dad will know"

When the dad came home, the lil girl ran to him and gave him the present and told him "Open it up dadeeeeeee". The dad was really tired after his work but rather happy 'coz his gal had not forgotten his birthday! He started to open it up and he was astonished to see that there was nothing inside it!!!! He suddenly got angry and yelled at the small gal and asked her "is this some kind of a joke?". The lil gal became sad and asked him "Don't u c it dadeee, didn't u get em?"

Get what? asked dad

"I had blown hundreds of kisses into the box........"said the gal

The dad felt so sorry and sad for having yelled at his daughter,  picked her up,  hugged her and said "sorry baby, I didn't see it then but I feel it now :)"

What I want to say is........there are so many people or "so called friends" around us who get us gifts and big hugs and what not during our bday's and all.....but when you really need them they are not there. But then again there are some others, who may not overwhelm you with any of the above said things but they will definitely stand by you no matter what and their invisible kisses are always there surrounding you..... Its THERE.........but sometimes we just fail to see it or feel it........

I am sure, that  we are all surrounded by friends like these, but do we take the time out to appreciate 'em or are we blinded by the *blingy* but not there for you friends?

Anyway, hope you guys had a great weekend and yup its weekday again.........Happy Monday.......

Sunday, 10 April 2011


So, tell me do you have phobias?I know I do, and so does a lot of people around me. Lets check out ;)

I do not know swimming and  am crazy scared of going into the water (aqua-phobia) and I always have the feeling that am going to drown 

or that I gonna find in the pool something like this......

Tan-dan-dan-dan-dan (remember Jaws). Just kidding, when I went to learn swimming there was this really weird coach who used to simply throw us into the water and everyone would come up somehow thrashing wildly in the water and in the process drinking lotsa water and developing the "phobia".....all I can say is *Thanks Coach.........U r the BEST* :P

Am not alone, guess who else has it......

Carmen Electra and FYI she did star in Baywatch!!!!

 My dad is super scared of flying(Aviophobia) and earlier he never used to travel by flight.But now he musters up some courage if he has atleast 2 pegs to drink, the famous dutch courage(poor dad, am happy that he is atleast flying now)

Celebrity who's scared of flying.........

Jenny from the block :d

My roommate used to be so scared of Spiders(Arachno phobia) and I used to the be the one to kill 'em. She would just scream and scream....

and for this guy I would whack all the spiders in the whole world

The sexy J.T is scared of spiders!!!

One of my friends, she is just paranoid about germs(mysophobia) and she would never use a public toilet unless its super duper clean. She will rather die holding it in than letting it all out in some crazy not so hygienic upto her expectations place!


Girlie, you are not alone.....
 U have Cameron to keep you company....

My hubby is super scared of snakes (Ophidiophobia) and he pretends that he is not afraid......his explanation is "I am not scared......its just that they appear too slimy".Honey, who are you trying to kid!!!! :P He doesn't even look at the pictures of snakes(which I think is a bit extreme kind of phobia....)

 u r not alone dah-ling. Salma Hayek is with u.........

One of my cuz's is scared of thunder and lightning (brontophobia) , she gets so scared that she would simply refuse to be alone and gasps everytime she hears a thunder!!!

She is not alone......
Madonna is afraid of thunder!!!!

My sister's idea of watching horror movies is by keeping the sound really low and taking her face away from the screen.............I ask whats the point ......I don't think there is a specific name for the phobia and maybe ...."phobia-phobia"(fear of fear itself!!!)

I dont know which celebrity has it.......but I think everyone has a lil bit fear in 'em as far as seeing scary movies are concerned........

So, spill the beans, who is scared of what.....and which is the weirdest phobia that you have ever heard of........

Thursday, 7 April 2011


Now that India won the Cricket worldcup 2011, I was instantly reminded of the cult classic Indian movie Lagaan (Land Tax).It was one of the finest Indian movies that has hit the theaters so far and for a country who is obsessed with cricket, this movie proved to be the icing on the cake


The movie is set in the Victorian era where people were forced to pay Land tax. People of Chempaner(the name of the village in the movie) cannot afford to pay the tax as the agricultural produce has been very low due to drought hitting the area. They try to talk to the British officials, and Bhuvan (Aamir khan, the main protagonist) mocks their game of cricket, which was so alien to them at that time. Instantly disliking Bhuvan the british official accepts to cancel the taxes for the whole province provided the villagers defeat them in a game of cricket and if not they will have to pay triple the tax. The fiery bhuvan agrees to the challenge and the story that unfolds next is what the movie is all about.

This movie when it released in India way back in 2001 was the biggest hit of all times, and it had every single person sitting on the edge of their seats through out the movie. One of the main "ingredient" that a person would need to like this movie is a knowledge about cricket and a compassionate heart to understand the oppression people during those times suffered at the hands of the british officials.

Ashutosh Gowarikar directed the movie fabulously , Aamir's acting in the movie left everyone speechless and the A.R.Rahman's musical score left everyone mesmerised  and begging for more. If you are an Indian and a cricket fan I am sure goosebumps will rise up no matter how many times you have seen the  movie. And if you are a person who loves foreign films, then this is worth a watch, but mind you, it will set you back 3 hrs but it will be 3hrs well spent!!!! The movie has everything romance,drama,great music, terrific acting, spectacular visuals......u name it, the movie has it!

The trailer appears quite lame, but this was the only one which I could find in English..........

 WOW! look at the dashing Aamir......

So, dear cricket fans, don't you remember Lagaan, the movie that we all love and cherish and consider a true masterpiece..........

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


I have never been to United States Of America, but I would definitely want to visit the place someday. But I sure do know a lot about a fictional character called Archie and all of his gang. I am a 1980's child and believe me, people then didn't know anything much about the custom and culture prevailing in the western countries and we had no satellite tv's with numerous channels that now allow us to watch any tv sitcom that your heart desires, and please don't forget the internet which is now allowing me to communicate with you all! :)

I knew all about Archie, his best friend betty (who also doubles up as his date at times & who is so hopelessely in love with him),Veronica the teen temptress, Jughead the BFF, Reggie the rotten "egg"(do we even use the term anymore.......)and ofcourse who can forget moose, mr.bee,miss.grundy and all those others who made the American teens look so "cool" and "in".

I started reading the comic first when I was 11 or 12 and just simply got hooked to it. I studied in a convent school, so I could speak english, well, the "grammatically" correct one and not the colloquial language. This little book told me and showed me all about it. I came to know about dating(mind you, in the early 1990's in India the concept of dating was so foreign.....but now, its not like that at all), pocket money, summer vacation part time jobs(i was always sent to study some art form or other like singing,dancing and even to some summer schools) and oh yeah, the world of pizza and burgers........ I tasted a burger when I was 15 or 16, but now Mc Donald's, KFC,Subway and everything is so common in here.

Most of all, I used to hide these comics from my dad and mom.....want to know why.....see the pic below!

Two gals posing in a bikini!!!!!! whoa!!!! If my dad saw that, then that's it, it would have been the end. In India we don't usually prance around in swimsuits or bikinis in the beaches, though the trend is coming up now.... can I forget the kiss.........In Indian cinema's before 2000 we never had liplocks in our movies( but now its dime a dozen scenes filled with smooching) and I had never seen one in "real" life. I think Archie's kiss was my first ever kiss LOL.

And ofcourse, it was so alien to me the concept of having "boys over", going for "dating" as I mentioned above and most of all it was an important part of me, growing up and learning about an all together different culture and in the process I was also learning the "spoken-english" in the most fun way possible. That was the biggest achievement as I came to know the words "waddya-kno", "gonna", "wanna", "kidding" "cool" and all that. It really was a platform that helped a lot of kids during my generation to see what is there on the other side and also learn to speak good "american-ised" english!

I am an Indian and I most definitely have an accent but I sure can understand and comprehend the language pretty well. A big part of the thanks goes to "Archie-Comics" :)

 Guys, don't forget the Karan Johar movie inspired from Archies.......

Any of you guys like the futuristic look of betty and veronica.........I for one don't! take a look.....

And by the way any one of u enjoy reading the Archies  even now.........I know am silly, but when I go to the library I still take Archies....... I don't know why.........Nostalgia, maybe.........

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Gone are my schooldays and my college years, where we used to bunk classes, have serious "silly" discussions about LIFE and most of all, the familiar faces are gone. Now I see them in Orkut or Facebook(I don't have a facebook account!!!!  :O ). But most of all, I feel angry with myself for making all those promises about "keeping in touch" and "won't ever forget u dah-ling" stuffs!

Basically, I am a person, who doesn't pick up the phone too often to call and check on the other side as to what is happening, I don't even log into my orkut that much!!!! I know, that its a sin not to do these things, in these times, when communication is so easy!!!!

Yesterday two of my friends, from college called me up all the way from Punjab to tell me that they have joined their respective PG courses(by the way am a doc, who is sitting at home and preparing for pg. Before you judge me as to why I didn't get through......well, I did, its just that I did not get the speciality that I wanted, so I will be repeating.......whew......that was long :D ). One was a gal who lived straight across the hall from my room in my hostel days and many a times I have gone into her room to gorge myself on some yummy stuff  that she always has with her!!! I was great friends with her.  Another person who called me was kind of like a "glue"  who kept things very much in place for me. He was one of those people who would say things to your face whether you like it or not.......being the straight forward person that I am, I used to love it!

Well, I failed...........I failed to keep in touch, make pleasantries or even create a facebook page!!!!!

YUP, thats rt for me WTF means what the F***.......... :D. To be honest, I had an account and I deleted it 'coz i am technologically challenged. I found it too cumbersome to use!!!!

Anyway, I know, I have lost contact with a lot of people who meant a lot to me during my growing up years and I sincerely vow to mend that. Sometimes I feel jealous of my husband who calls up to talk to his 9th standard friend who is living in some corner of the world! Jealous would be too harsh a word...... I ENVY people like him, for them its just too easy to call, make sure that the other person is OK.

I am touched that these people still remember me even when I forgot them and took time out to call me and fill me in on what is happening in their lives......So, I am taking a vow, from now on I am not going to sit idly around and let all my friends slip away and I am not going to feel envious anymore......

I promise to be surrounded by the people who love me and whom I love the most 'coz they don't come that often......

Any of you share the same feelings..........are u like me.........plzzzzzz do console me by saying that this has happened to u too ;) and ofcourse any tips are welcome as to how to keep relationships alive.....


Don't get me wrong guys, my life is definitely not "on" the rocks or anything.........but I sure do like the sound of having my life with a glass half filled with "ice", so that I can be cool enough to face most of the things in life. This blog of mine will be my own personal niche, where I will be writing, rambling, cursing and applauding anything and everything in & about life and people around me.

I sometimes, visualise how things could have been in certain situations and how it has turned out now! I have always wanted to be a writer, and lo behold I am a Doctor now! I love my profession, but I do miss writing, reading and penning down the most ordinary things that happen in my life. I will try my level best to generate interest and keep the enthusiasm up through my posts, but, lets see......I have the attention span of a fly and I tend to lose interest after some time. I hope this time, it will be different!

Just like the pic above, its always work, home and last comes "LIFE" in general, so here, through this blog, let me share with you me, myself and my life :) It can be about anything something as serious as Tsunami in Japan or ahmmmmmm the goofy "Big Boss"( sorry guyz I think its quite lame :) ). So do watch out.......... :)


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