Friday, 1 June 2012


I am back and I have FINALLY settled down into my new home and new routine. Within a week of me reaching Mumbai Mr.Hubby & I had to leave Mumbai and go to vizag for 2 weeks. When I came back there was just so much work to do.

I have always wanted to visit Mumbai and honestly I am really happy that I am "living" here and NOT here as a tourist. Ofcourse Kerala is my base and I will definitely go back but for the time being BAM-BAI (the old hindi slang) is my home :)

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Lets jump into it :)

1. I live in the posh area of Colaba(now that is something to grin about :D)

2. I love the authentic sev puri & sugar cane juice. The two things have become a staple in my life!

3. You can wear whatever you want & people could care less ( I come from Kerala, so this aspect of      mumbai is just awesome)

4. I love the sea and marine drive is my favourite  place to just "chill". The huge kulfi like rocks are too cute.

5.  Shopping!!!! MAN! how can I describe? Are you on a budget or do you have all the money in the world to spend???? then, you have come to the right place.

6. Good food. I love the small Iranian places in colaba and love the north indian sweets.

7. I am a huge "Amol Palekar" fan and in most of his movies they have featured the "OLD" Mumbai especially colaba (you can check out Golmal, Choti si baat & Baato baato mein), so I have always wanted to see Mumbai and to see the colaba now and the old colaba in those movies is something else.

8. Do you love night life???? Do I need to say more?????? Mumbai IS the place to be!!!PERIOD!

9. I love the fact that Mumbai is a melting pot for so many Indians. People from every single state is living here. Because of that Mumbaikars are more accepting & forthcoming compared to other north indian states about different cultures & people.

10. Last but not the least I am here with Mr.Hubby!!!!! YAAAAYYYYY!!! That is the biggest reason for me as Mumbai would always be remembered as the place we stayed when we had been "Just Married".

So let me sign off with a super cool song of Amol Palekar from the movie Choti Si Baat and it is sung by K.J.Yesudas. So for me as I said best of both worlds :)


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