Friday, 23 March 2012


I am not a coffee person & I am a die hard tea fan. But I still remember the time my sis introduced me to some amazing coffee. At that time Cafe Coffee Day was only popular in the metro cities and my sis studied in one of the metro cities. So, when she asked me to check it out I was hesitant but I am glad I did. My fav amongst their coffee is Mochachillo. Its a cold drink with Coffe, Chocolate and loads of ice....yummmmmmm......Great for summer :). Mochachillo is my staple whenever I go to Cafe Coffe Day. I started to have this insane craving for coffee now that the summer has started in Kerala. I went out and got my fix :)

My dear "rein-dee" with my Coffee. Isn't he cuteeeee???????

So do you have any favs for coffee??? especially from Cafe Coffee Day????


Addicted to Nailpaints said...

So is mine!! i loouuuu Mochachillo :)

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

OMG! I'm all nuts for Moachachillo as well! What a strange co-incidence! LOL! It was my favorite from day one I sipped into it!! :)

DocPriya said...

me too a tea addict! And my Favorite coffee is 'devils own' fRom cafe coffee day.


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