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So, I watch a lot of serials......sue me lol. These are my current favourite shows.....but I do watch a lot more than this. I just watch all shows at one go on a particular day and thats my way of unwinding and having some alone time. I am sure that some serious serial junkie can identify with me. I get high on serials. lets just begin

In 1963 the most notorious prison Alcatraz was shut down and the prisoners were shifted.....Only that was not what happened...... Sounds interesting huh? This sitcom is by the same people who gave us "LOST" and I am a huuuuuugeeeee fan of lost. Lost is not everyone's favourite but I used to looooooveeee it.So, when I found out that the same people are bringing out a new sitcom I had to check it out! The alcatraz prison was closed in 1963 and the prisoners were shifted, that is what everyone thinks but something happened in the prison and all the inmates just disappeared into thin air. To cover it up the govt told everyone that they were shifted due to unhygienic prison conditions.  They are now back!!!! All the notorious criminals are back and walking with us!!! They haven't aged and none of them know how & why they are back. But the most strangest fact is that the govt has been expecting this and has a task force ready which is run by hauser and to help him a police detective and a professor also joins in. What happens next is what this drama is all about. I finished watching 4 episodes and am glued to it. They have completed 10 episodes and I can't wait to watch 'em.

I like zoey deschanel and thats how I started seeing this series. At first I was not impressed. The plot goes like this. Zoey deschanel "Jess" who is trying to get over her heart break after her boy friend cheats on her finds a new place to live. Only the apartment already has 3 men in there. Nick is a bartender, Schmidt a white collar job holder & Winston a former basket ball player. The plot is a bit tried and tested...but after seeing the first few episodes the serial is actually growing on me and I kinda like it. If you like Zooey then do check it out!

Me & my sis both are huge fans of this show and we are up to date with the seasons of Criminal Minds. Its definitely NOT for the faint hearted. All the main characters work at BAU(Behaviour Analysis Unit) that studies the behaviour of criminals to nab them. When the show first started it was well known for the gory scenes and twisted plots but now I personally feel that the story line has cooled down a bit. But its not boring like bones anyway. I used to love the show Bones and now I hate it. If you love crime dramas then check this out! You won't be disappointed.

If you love criminal minds then you are sure to love Dexter!!! Its the story of a psychopath who is moulded into a "near" normal human being by his adopted father and taught him to channel his energy into more productive killing  evil people. Its not something that he does to save the society but to save himself too as he has this burning need to kill someone. He works as a blood spatter analyst at the FBI , oh well, his day job and during the night time he kills bad men :D. Its a great show & Michael C Hall has done an amazing job! Do check Dexter out.

Now comes Ringer. Its the sitcom starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. If you loved her in buffy and miss her then do check this out. Sarah plays the role of twin sisters. One is evil and the other is good. The evil sis leads a wealthy life and the other one is a drug addict who is trying to get her act clean. But the evil sis does a number on her when she fools her twin sister into believing that she committed suicide but she hasn't. The druggie sis now steps into her other sister's shoes as she is wanted by the police and tries to live her evil sister's life. What all goes wrong is what the plot is all about. I must admit that the show did get a lil bit boring in the middle and I kind of lost interest but now its picking up again. Lets see as to how that goes!

Ok.......Now its time for some "leave your brains at home" kind of fun time :D. I love the kardashian show. People can say that its stupid and all that jazz but I like to see stupid stuff at times and when it has three gorgeous ladies well........why not???? I can atleast take some pointers on makeup & fashion!!! The Kardashian Show has some major spin offs and Khloe & Lamar show is one among them. It shows the day to day life of Khloe Kardashian & her hubby Lamar Odom. I love Khloe, so I find the show entertaining. Only watch this if you like reality tv.....otherwise steer clear!!!! those are my "current" fav shows. If anyone of you see any other show that is interesting then do share that with me. I would love to know :)

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